Gliding is the ultimate flying experience, offering a vast range of unique experiences from local soaring, touring and competitions to long distance and high altitude flights and record setting.

Progressive clubs such as Sydney Gliding are using Modern self-launching gliders that are state of the art and manufactured to the latest international design regulations, which ensure maximum safety and performance. They use the latest composite materials with instruments and systems that feature technology found in commercial aircraft.

The use of these modern self-launching gliders allow clubs such as Sydney Gliding to provide unique and exhilarating gliding experiences that are not possible in traditional gliders. It also allows longer flight options that have only been available to the lucky few who have been “in the right place at the right time” to take advantage of the weather conditions required to keep gliders aloft for extended periods. The use of self-launching gliders removes the need for a tow plane and allows the glider pilot to tailor the flight to suit the prevailing weather conditions and ensure a high quality flight.