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Gliding in Australia is organised through Clubs and overseen by the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA). Therefore to learn to fly gliders you are required to join a club and be a current member of the GFA.



The club offers short term 3 month membership for trainee pilots interested in learning to glide. You must also take out a minimum 3 month membership of the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA). Once you have completed the initial 3 month period, you must take out full GFA and club membership to fly solo. As a full GFA member you will also receive “Soaring Australia” magazine. Once you have joined the club you are entitled to the use of club gliders at club rates and your instruction is provided free of charge by the clubs fully qualified instructors.



As your training progresses you will start to look forward to your first solo flight. The training is competency based and follows the GFA syllabus, so the time taken to go solo will depend on a number of factors including ability and time. Naturally it’s SAFETY FIRST and your instructor will only allow you to make that magical first solo flight when they are certain that your flying skills have reached the required standard. By flying regularly you should progress to solo standard in a relatively short time. The more often you can fly, the faster your progress.



Your enjoyment of gliding does not stop after going solo. As you gain more experience you will be allowed to take friends up with you as passengers. The next step is to fly a single seat glider, after which you can look forward to the ultimate challenge of gliding cross country. Imagine flying without any assistance other than the thermal currents generated by the sun. In the summer months it is possible to stay airborne for several hours. In that time many hundreds of kilometres can be covered. The club organises various trips away to other gliding locations allowing members to experience the wide variety of gliding conditions Australia offers, and to strive for various cross country flying awards. More experienced members can take a glider away for competition flying or just for their own enjoyment.



Flight costs depend on glider launch height and the duration of the flight. Contact the club so we can provide you with information relating to your specific needs.