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Air Experience Flights

Air experience flights allow you to experience soaring flight with one of our qualified instructors. You will be introduced to the basics of soaring flight by your instructor and be allowed to take the controls at certain stages of the flight if you wish so that you can experience for yourself how easily the aircraft can be controlled.

There are a number of factors that affect the duration of a flight such as the weather, however, a higher launch height gives you a longer minimum flight duration if there are no thermals present and a better chance of extending the flight further by finding and using thermals if they are present.

We have a number of Air Experience Flights based on the launch height of the glider and approximate duration.


Introductory Air Experience Flight

Your flight starts with a pre flight safety and operational briefing. You'll learn about the primary controls of the glider and how they are used to control the glider in-flight.

After climbing to 3500ft over the Camden Valley your instructor will demonstrate how to control the glider and then it's your turn fly the glider, under the watch full eye of your instructor of course.

The flight duration for this flight is approximately 20 minutes.

Price $249

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Premium Air Experience Flight

For those wanting the ultimate gliding experience.

Fly to the edge of the Blue Mountains and Lake Burragorang and enjoy spectacular views of the Sydney skyline and the rugged Blue Mountains, while learning the basics of soaring flight with one of our qualified instructors.

The flight duration for this flight is approximately 40 minutes.

Price: $349

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